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Aphilo Editor

Why does the tab index not start with '1'?

If you loaded a Master template page in the background which has also tab indicies (for example 3 input items) the tab index will start with the first number (in this case '4'). By clicking through, it will start at '1' so you are able to overwrite it (or use the property dialog to enter the tab index directly).

Can I include videos on my Phi page?

Yes you can. However there is currently no special element for videos (except for YouTube). Use the HTML document element to include i.e. Flash movies, MPEG4 videos, etc.

Since v1.3.0 Phi offers embedded YouTube videos.

I used perspective transformations but some elements look different in the browser than I edited them in Aphilo. Why?

Most recent browsers can only display affine transformations (rotations through the z-axis and skewing) on a 2x2 matrix (2D space). If a browser does not support real 3D transformations on a 4x4 matrix (exceptions are Amphibia and WebKit based browsers on Mac OS X) the perspective components are silently ignored. Image based items in Phi are transformed on server side if the browser does not support it, so they will be displayed correctly in every browser.


Can I use the back-end jQuery library directly?

v1.3.0 If you trigger direct calls to jQuery you will break the Phi native mode compatibility. In this case keep sure you activate the check box Force HTML output in the Page settings dialog to generate always HTML code instead of Phi native code even if a browser would support the native mode (i.e. with a plug-in). However we highly recommend to use the official API!

Phis Server

Can I use Phi without a plug-in?

This is the big advantage of Phi. If the Phi plug-in is not available in the client space the server creates HTML5 for all recent browsers or strict HTML4 for older browser versions. However real perspective transformations (on a 4x4 matrix) are currently only supported with the plug-in or in the Amphibia browser (all operating systems) and all recent WebKit based browsers like Safari and Google Chrome (on Mac OS X only).

Except the application mode of Phi i.e. displaying real native application menus requires the Phi plug-in or the Amphibia browser.

Apache module

How can I invalidate the cache in mod_phi?

Change the directory where the temporary files are located and create an empty file called .invalidate. Phi checks the time stamp of this file and clears the cache if the time is newer than the cached files. This is necessary for example if you updated a page palette (affecting the corresponding CSS file).

Note: Since v1.1.0 this is not necessary anymore for new versions of your *.phis pages. The server now checks the timestamps of the uploaded files and invalidates them automatically. For example a new master template page will be immediately visible without manually invalidating the cache.

See also: $PHISERVER[tempdir].