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The PhiApp represents a Phi client independent of any browser implementation. It fits perfectly in embedded systems or in Intranet solutions where the overhead of a complete HTML browser exceeds storage or memory limits or for environments in which user are not permitted to use a 'normal' Web browser (i.e. security reasons).

By clicking on the PhiApp icon in the IDE, a client window will open with the current shown page (in Mac OS X it is integrated in the IDE on other platforms it runs a new executable).

PhiApp is still using HTTP as the underlying protocol but with binary data transmission which is usually faster then sending and parsing HTML tags.

Developer can open a dedicated page by appending the URL after the PhiApp executable which is usually located in:

C:\Program files (x86)\Phisketeer\bin\PhiApp.exe # Windows
/Applications/ # Mac OS X (needs to be installed as separate package)
/opt/phisketeer-x_y_z/bin/phiapp # Linux


  • less memory consumption
  • real native OS menus
  • faster
  • independent of any browser implementation


  • can not render HTML documents natively (however the available external items are supported which can present HTML documents)
  • jQuery can not be used (all Javascript.pngJavaScript calls are limited to the official Phi API)
  • Allmost not useable in WANs

The Phis server automatically detects if a client natively supports Phi.