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In Phi you can use pages as a Master template page. For example you can create one page containing your corporate design and menu structure and load this page in the background of each other page. If you change the Master template all other pages will be changed as well.

See also: Master templates How-To.

Defining a master template

Adding a master template is quite easy: simply add the path to your master page in the Page settings dialog in the Meta tab.

Overwrite palette

You can overwrite the pages palette by the palette from the Master template by marking the respective checkbox.

Additional notes

Because of the loaded master template page and the requested page are in the same address space it is important that you define different element IDs in both pages or the elements of the page will not be shown. We recommend to simply add a prefix m_ to the element IDs in the Master template page to prevent any conflicts.

v1.1.1 If you have loaded a master template in the background and you have double item IDs, Artephis will throw a warning message during saving the page. But it is a good practice to prefix all master template items with m_.