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Phi[sketeer] enables you to create high valuable RIAs (Rich Internet Applications) very easily. It provides extended application development and greatly supports you in time to market projects. Forget PHP, ASP and HTML - you just have to deal with a front-end like the Artephis IDE and JavaScript (both on server and/or client side, see Script reference). In contrast to Adobe Flash or AIR, the main focus is on fast application development without any additional browser plug-in needed. It is definitely much more than 'just another HTML editor'! With support for perspective transformations on all recent browser versions, Phi opens complete new possibilities and Web experiences...

For an easy introduction into Phi please visit the Tutorial & How-To documentation.


  • Cross browser compatibility, including support for IE 7+, Firefox 2.0+, Opera 9.0+, Safari 3.0+, Chrome
  • Out of the box: independent of any browser plug-in
  • All you need in one product - One for all, all for you!
  • Full integrated UTF8 support for all generated Web- and Phi pages
  • Build in Database support for all major DBMS, including support for MySQL, Postgres, DB2, SQL Server, ODBC, Oracle
  • Easy Translations of all text elements (including codecs for Big5, EUC-JP, KOI8-R and many more)
  • Extended GUI Elements like application menus, progress bar, date picker, tables, rollovers, etc.
  • Graphical effects like Colorize, Drop shadow, Blur and Reflections
  • 3D transformation of elements (including all input items)
  • Concept of a Master template page (one corporate page in the background)
  • Build in Session management
  • Site config support for Corporate Design issues (colors, palette, database)
  • Transparency support for all elements
  • JavaScript support on both server and client side
  • Native application menu in the application mode (requires PhiApp)
  • Different Data sources (static, translated, database, url, process)
  • Special Phi variables available in text sources
  • AJAX (Asyncronus JavaScript And XML) support in Phi- and HTML mode
  • Uses jQuery as back-end v1.3.0
  • New client scripting API v1.3.0
  • Easy Drag&Drop implementation for elements v1.3.0
  • Create your own Serverscript API with Server modules written in C++ v1.5.0
  • Item plug-in interface: companies and the community can create their own independent items v2.0.0
  • Professional front-end for Phi: Drag&Drop IDE Artephis (provided by Phisys AG)


Phi[sketeer] enfolded the following components:

  • Phis server - a fast Web & Phi application server for an Intranet environment or embedded systems
  • Apache module - an Apache module for serving Phi pages
  • Amphibia browser - an example browser written in C++/Qt for viewing Phi and regular HTML pages
  • PhiApp - Display Phi pages as native OS applications (including real menus) completely independent of any Web browser
  • PhisConf - the GUI for changing Phi server settings
  • Server modules - Plug-ins written in C++ to extend the server functionality which provide JavaScript objects for Serverscript.pngServerScript
  • Artephis editor - a (proprietary) front-end IDE for creating stunning *.phis pages
  • Aphilo editor - an open-source front-end IDE (based on Phi version 1.5.0)

With the Artephis editor you create your Web- and Intranet pages (files ending in *.phis). The *.phis pages are then either served by the Phis server (the stand-alone Web service) or as an Apache module (like PHP). Internally Phis connects to databases, resolves HTTP requests, starts processes and translates text of predefined languages automatically. Even images can be different for each defined language. Phis parses the *.phis page and generates HTML5 code for actual Web browsers (strict HTML 4.01 for older versions) or generates the native *.phi format which can be directly displayed by PhiApp or browser which can handle Phi natively.

Since the HTML standard rarly supports the input and display elements you can choose in Phi[sketeer], surely Phis can not reproduce all items identically. But Phis does a great job and most items are created in a manner you can really work with even in older browser versions. Especially transparent elements and graphic items look like the same in Phi and HTML. Phi also respects the Look&Feel of the underlying operating system the browser is running on.