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Item layouts provide a powerful mechanism to group and organize your elements. In Phi mode they also enable you to resize widgets (ie. labels) automatically if they do not have enough space for the displayed text in different languages.


All layouts act also as a button controller ie. for radio buttons. Layouts can also be nested. An applied layout becomes the parent of its children ie. all effects like transformations act on the complete layout.

See also: Layouts How-To.

Horizontal layout

A horizontal layout groups elements horizontally.

Vertical layout

A vertical layout groups elments vertically.

Form layout

A form layout groups the elements in a two column grid. This is ideal for labels and input items.

Grid layout

A grid layout groups the elments in a grid.

Note: the algorithm to calculate the items in a grid is currently not well-engineered. Ensure the items do not overlap each other nor have to much space in between each other. If a layout looks weird undo or release it and arrange the items more accurate.

Predefined layouts

Phi provides some predefined layout containers like an address container, contact container, login container, and more for your convenience. The containers can be filled out automatically if the user provided the respective data.